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Nice to meet you!

Music makes me happy so I put more music into the world.

Hello I'm Holly! The short and sweet version of me is as follows:

I'm a singer, songwriter

vocalist, guitarist, 

mandolinist currently living in NYC, previous locations include Nashville, TN and a sweet little town in Southern Indiana. My passions include music, comics, horses, drawing, photography, travel, and video games.


To see my full bio click HERE, and if you have any other questions about me feel free to tweet it at me!

The other day I was playing mandolin and I was thinking about chromatic scales...where you play every single note in order instead of doing the usual "whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, whole step, half step." And I decided to write a song where the chords moved up and down the neck chromatically, and to only use dominant seven chords. Next thing I knew I was writing the lyrics in spanish..thus "Chromatic Siete" was born! Henry (my fiancé and half of our duet HH)wrote an incredible cello part to the song, then we recorded it in our studio apartment studio!

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I love zombies. I wrote this song tonight and recorded it on garage band as I was writing it, that's what you're hearing here.

[haha-nervous giggles caused by releasing a non-studio recorded song on SoundCloud... *GASP* life is too short, here it goes..recorded on my Skullcandy headphones microphone!]


This song is about the redundant daily tasks we're forced to partake in, how we eventually get good at these tasks while we wish that they would be over. Then, we reach the end of our lives realizing we wished away the time with everything else and we're left wishing we had one more redundant activity to partake in, in this case: killing zombies.

I'm a mega
nerd :)
And I'm a
I love the
City & the 

This is my debut album, "Stained Glass Window."  I wrote all of the songs, and my fiancé Henry arranged and produced it, (once again, in our studio apartment)